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6 Hilariously Bad Spider-Man Tattoos

These Spider-Man tattoos are what happens when you mix permanent ink, really poor judgement, and passion for the heroic web-slinger…

6) The Spider-Man Tramp Stamp (P.S. WTF?)

Spider-Man Tramp Stamp

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

Nice job. Now, every time someone looks at you from behind, they’re going to wonder why Spidey’s spider-sense is tingling and he’s asking himself “WTF?” while he’s in the immediate vicinity of a potentially vaporous region of your body.

This is a pretty good prank; I’m just wondering why you decided to play it on yourself.

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The Top Five Awful Cthulhu Cakes

Let’s face it: even a “good” Cthulhu cake can be bad. When your subject is the dreaded, hideous, and many-tentacled high priest to the Great Old Ones, it’s no coincidence that a confectionery representation would be reminiscent of a steaming pile of angry fecal matter.

A picture says a thousand words. In this case, most of those words are “retch” and “vomit”.

5) The “Angry Tentacles” Cthulhu Cake

Cthulhu Cake

Check out those tentacles, with their boiling pustules of Elder God rage.

…or they’re Rick Krispie treats. But I’m pretty sure it’s the former.

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Apparently putting together a costume made almost entirely of brown fur is more complicated than you’d think.

7) The Hairy-Chested Chewbacca Costume

Hairy Chewbacca Costume

Many bathmats died to bring us this costume.

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8 Awful Batman Symbol Tattoos

While there are certainly a frightening amount of fanboys who have permanently scarred their chests with Batman symbol tattoos, you’d be surprised how people can embarrass themselves with Batman symbol tattoos on other parts of their bodies.

Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. I hear cynicism is contagious, and I’ve been drinking out of your mug when you weren’t looking.

8) The These-Are-Definitely-Not-Batman’s-Pecs Batman Symbol Chest Tattoo

Batman Symbol Chest Tattoo

“Bird-chested” and “Batman” aren’t typically two things that go together.

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From What the Cool, about this Pac-Man sculpture made out of cans:

There’s an annual event called the Can-struction.  It’s a great charity in the form of a can sculpture stacking event where people compete and thousands of people are fed.

Giant Pac-Man Art
Photo Credit: Matt Boulton

Sure. Sometimes thousands of destitute people are fed at the event. And then other times, thousands of cans of food go into sculptures of cartoon smiley-faces gorging themselves on pellets and frightened can-ghosts.

But I’m sure the starving people respect the importance of the art. Sometimes cans of food have a higher calling, you know?

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Ewok dog cosplay.

In other news, the number of legitimate reasons to own a small, yappy dog has increased to exactly one.

Ewok Dog Costume

Via ptitumblr, who has never met a small, yappy dog he hasn’t yub-nubbed.

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