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Celebrities at Star Wars Celebration IV


Overly-dedicated Star Wars fanboys are holding Celebration IV, the mondo conference / festival / geekfest / interactive nerd experience, from May 24 – 28 in Los Angeles.

From the press release: “Celebrities from all six movies of the Star Wars saga, as well as from the Star Wars television and video game arenas will be attending Celebration IV“.

Celebrities from the Star Wars television and video game arenas? Right. I’d say that’s a pretty strong indication that Celebration will be scraping the bottom of the Star Wars “celebrity” barrel. My guess: Highlights will include Richard Bonehill, who wowed audiences in Return of the Jedi in his turns as Nien Nunb, Mon Calamari, Ree Yees, Mosep, a Stormtrooper, a TIE pilot, and an X-Wing pilot . Personally, I think he did his best work as Nien Nunb. Very convincing as a Sullustan.


The man can wear a mask like nobody’s business.

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