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Battlestar Gallactica’s Richard Hatch is a Funny Perv at WonderCon 2007

I’ll start with today’s highlight: an impassioned–almost desperate–pitch-fest for Battlestar Gallactica by Richard Hatch to a drooling, adoring audience in one of the convention’s “special guest speaker” rooms. Mr. Hatch has built his career around BSG… as Apollo in the first series, and as Tom Zarek in the current incarnation. He’s even been publishing BSG fan fiction in his downtime. He must have been relieved and grateful when he was invited to participate in the new show, because he’s already published a book about it. I’m sensing not many other strong job prospects for ol’ Rich.

Richard Hatch at Wondercon

It’s clear this is a man who knows that the fans make-or-break a show (or an actor). He was entirely gracious and good-humored (at one point, during technical difficulties, he did a shadow puppet of a Viper across the big screen in the room), and showed no signs of having a big head. That’s pretty cool when you consider that even an occasional member of the comic book publishing community sitting on a panel will cop a bit of an attitude because, thanks to the awful fanboys at the conventions, these guys have fooled themselves into thinking that they actually matter. Considering that TV stars–even ones on sci-fi shows–probably have larger and more ardent followings than comic book artists, good on Richard for being so approachable and down-to-earth with his fans.

Now, that said, he sure was quick to take the conversation in a pervy direction a few times. Not that he had a skeezy vibe to him or anything. In fact, he was pretty funny about it, but he sure was enthusiastic on this particular topic. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Situation 1. We’re in a Q&A session, on the topic of BSG’s viewer-ship. Over-eager audience member #1 (of about 100) asks, “What do you watch?” Richard considers for a split-second (in the one moment today I happened to take a timely picture), then responds:

Porn. I watch a lot of porn. I didn’t get laid on the first show, I’m not getting laid on this one… I watch a lot of porn.

Ha, ha, ha, ha… oh, wait. I think he’s kind of serious. Ew, dude.

Situation 2. Over-eager audience member #2 is pointing a video-camera as he asks his question, obviously gathering content for his zany nerd vlog. He asks, “How would you respond to a hypothetical three-way relationship between Adama, Roslyn, and Zarek?” (Good one, nerdboy.) Richard says, genuinely enthusiastically:

Sure, then we could get into three-ways and four-ways with Starbuck [Katee Sackoff] and Boomer [Grace Park], and… call Sci-Fi [Channel] and let them know!

I know the kid took Richard to the basket with his question, but then Hatch shattered the backboard, right?

Situation 3. Finally, he felt compelled to share with us that he has a fantasy about Mary McDonnell–or, President Roslin, if you prefer–based on her role in Dances with Wolves. Fair enough. I have a fantasy where Dances with Wolves was the last movie Kevin Costner ever made, but I didn’t feel compelled to share it with a room full of people who twitter whenever you say the word vagina, dude.

Oh, in a brief display of Crazy, he claimed that his comic book didn’t sell because of a general lack of “revolutionary” thinking. Yeah, I’m sure that rag would have blown the doors off of society.

Explaining how Zarek is misunderstood, Richard received the wildest applause from the audience with this line:

President Roslin FRAKKED me, and I’m the bad guy?!

He can pander with the best of ’em.

There were actually some tidbits about BSG to come out of the session:

  • In addition to the planned thirteen episodes for Season Four, there will be a two-hour movie.
  • Per the information floating around the Internet Tubes, someone’s going to buy it in the next couple of episodes. Please God, let it be Apollo.
  • The actor who plays Apollo is English. Was I the only one not to know this? It might explain why he’s such a pansy on the show.

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  • nickolai March 4, 2007, 1:30 pm

    isn’t richard hatch that tubby guy who won the first Survivor? Didn’t know he parlayed his “fame” into an acting gig on BSG.

  • Great White Snark March 4, 2007, 5:11 pm

    This is a different Richard Hatch. Although, arguably, they’re both at a similar level of celebrity status.

  • Nathan D July 17, 2007, 3:18 pm

    Wait, I thought he was Australian?

  • NinjaJJ October 15, 2009, 12:20 am

    I watched the frist BSG series and tried to watch the new one but I died inside when The cylones where human

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