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Actual Exclusive Scoops from WonderCon: New Superman Cartoon? Plus: Superman/Doomsday Voice Cast

I haven’t seen these items reported anywhere else in the geek-o-sphere of Internet Tubes, so perhaps these are exclusives.

During a Q&A session on Friday with a panel of DC Comics heavies, including Dan DiDio (Senior VP and Executive Editor of the DCU) and Judd Winick (writer/artist and formerly of The Real World fame), an audience member asked if there were any cartoons in development along the lines Teen Titans Go! To this, Dan nodded emphatically and said, “Stay tuned for more cartoons.” Winick cryptically added, “Watch the skies…”


Hitting the skies again?

This is a bit of a leap, but sounds to me like a new Superman cartoon is in development. Since there’s already been a Superman: The Animated Series, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new cartoon went the route of the current animated series The Batman and focused on a youthful Superman in his early years of superheroism. Of course, I could be wrong and the new ‘toon could be about one of the other flying heroes.


Winick had a wary eye on me as I positioned myself for this picture. I think he identified me as a Real World groupie vs. a comic book groupie. I think the overt lack of drooling gave me away.

On a related note, the release date for the direct-to-DVD Superman/Doomsday animated movie was announced for September 18. Joss Whedon’s peeps continue to be all over this DC animated universe thing! Adam Baldwin will voice Superman, Anne Heche will voice Lois Lane, and James Marsters will voice Lex Luthor.

Oh, there was also a brilliant moment during this panel’s Q&A that sums up pretty nicely what it means to be involved in the world of comic books:

[A]udience guy: “What about the Crime Syndicate?”

[D]an DiDio: “Which one?”

A: “The one from the other Earth.”

D: “Which one? Earth 2? Earth 3?”

Another panelist: “The multiverse?”

A: “Yeah, that one.”

D: “Which?”

A (clearly lost): “Um, whatever one you just said.”

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  • Kevin Standlee March 5, 2007, 4:14 pm

    I presume that you mean “WonderCon,” not “Worldcon.” Worldcon is a completely different event, as you probably know. (Although there was a Worldcon held at Moscone Center, back in 1993.)

  • Great White Snark March 5, 2007, 5:27 pm

    Good catch, Kevin! My traumatic few years spent working at WorldCom still leave an ugly Freudian mark on my life every now and then

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