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San Francisco Leaves Its Gay Mark on WonderCon 2007

I was lucky enough to witness a couple of pretty funny shout-outs by the gay community at WonderCon events.

Shout-Out 1. On Friday, during Q&A with the DC Nation panel that included Dan DiDio, Senior VP and Executive Editor of the DCU (or, the DC Comics Universe, for you newbs), a fella in the audience asked, “Are lesbians the only ones having sex in the DC Universe?” (As with other media, comic book publishers aren’t reluctant to play up girl-on-girl action to pump up “ratings”.)

Dan, laughing, replies, “Yes, let’s hope so!”

Most of the audience was too busy laughing at Dan’s response to hear the guy’s follow-up:

“What about some boy-on-boy action?”


‘Nuff said.

Shout-Out 2. The scene is the press-junket-like appearance of director Zack Snyder and actors Gerard Butler and Lena Headey to promote their new movie 300. (Side note: Based on the four minutes of footage they showed, this movie will be every bit the amazing, testosterone-driven spectacle it appears to be in the trailers. Plus, it seems every actor in the film is ripped and shirtless, so there’s plenty for the ladies, as well. And for gay dudes, too.)

It’s important to point out that Lena is a strikingly beautiful woman. And then throw in an English accent on top of that. I mean, wow. With these traits and her upcoming role as Sarah Connor in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, you’d think she’d merit some attention at WonderCon, where many of the attendees have only seen naked breasts on a computer screen.



But, no. Leave it to a comic book convention audience–which is mostly men…or man-boys, specifically–to line up during Q&A to lavish praise (and then more praise) on Gerard Butler. To be fair, the Gerard Butler Fan Club of AARP-card-toting romance novelists (no, seriously) was in attendance, but, still, this was ridiculous. Even Zack looked bored with the Jerry-love.



Finally, a woman got to the Q&A microphone to give Lena the attention she deserved: “Clearly there’s a Gerard fan club in the house.”

This is followed by wild cheering from women in the audience. She continues, suggestively:

“I just want you to know there’s also a Lena Headey fan club here.”

At this, there is wild cheering from another group of women in the audience.

A beautiful actress is sitting in front of an audience of thousands of men, and the first one to acknowledge her–after her male co-star has been slathered with praise–is a gracious lesbian.

Only at a comic book convention in San Francisco.

Not that any of this should be terribly surprising. The first guy in line at the microphone at the junket for Resident Evil: Extinction told Ali Larter that her character on Heroes sucks and should die soon and that she’s only a “halfway decent” actress. Good luck ever, ever getting laid, dude.


Holy shit, this is why my agent said getting type-cast in comic book roles was a mistake.

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