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Video Games Live: Game Theme Songs + Symphony Orchestra + Lasers

Most (geeky) folks have seen those videos on YouTube of clever college a capella groups recreating the themes from the world’s most popular console video games.

Ah, college kids. Wonderful what they do with their free time, isn’t it? Let’s just be glad they’re not hitting the crack pipe and “going wild” for an ultra-skeezy producer of soft-porn videos.

Anyway. Sometimes a quaint reproduction of the Super Mario Bros. theme song by a handful of semi-talented, t-shirt-clad kids just doesn’t give you the fix you need. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need much, much more out of your video-game-song-reproduction. Sometimes, only a laser-light show and a full orchestra will cut it. Enter Video Games Live:

An immersive event created by the video games industry featuring the best game music performed by top orchestras and choirs combined with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity. The first and most successful video game concert in the world.

Are you sold? I sure was when I saw the commercial tonight. Here’s a clip I found on YouTube. Check out the site for more information and a preview trailer.

They’re not kidding when they say it’s playing all over the world. (FYI, it’s in San Francisco tonight to accompany the Game Developers Conference.) How do you think the French will like it?

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  • NinjaJJ October 15, 2009, 12:47 am

    It is now 2009 and I’m still trying to get tickets to this show

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