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Whale-Seals and Dog-Cats Run Amok in Honduras

I was recently telling a friend about the mind-boggling whale-seal combo to which I had been introduced, courtesy of my date a few weeks ago. (By the way… that story? I’ve discovered that it Never. Gets. Old.)

This friend had served a stint in Honduras for the Peace Corps. According to my friend (and I tend to believe her… after all, those wonderful Peace Corps folks are renowned for being dirty, not for being dirty liars), the Hondurans have a phrase for an animal they don’t recognize: perro-gato. Literally, this is dog-cat. Sadly, thanks to the woefully-neglected educational system in Honduras, there are many, many breeds of dog-cat running amok. For instance, what you and I (but not that mental midget sitting next to you) would call an anteater is commonly identified as perro-gato. Think of perro-gato as the Honduran equivalent of smurf.


Dog-cat. Or, anteater. Or, smurf. Or, giraffe. Or, Dick Cheney.

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