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Just when you thought comic conventions couldn’t get any weirder…

Comicbookconventions.com has a wonderful list that’s got to be an exhaustive collection of every convention over the next year that’s even remotely related to comic books.

If you thought the “mainstream” comic conventions like Wizard World, WonderCon, and Comic-Con attracted a fringe element, just imagine the specimens that show up for these:

Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention

So we meet again, AARP-card-toting romance novelists and over-the-hill men with long hair who weren’t hugged enough as children.

Monster-Mania Con 8

Makes me think of those two weird dudes, Chainsaw and Dave, in Mr. Shoop’s class in that movie Summer School.


These aren’t just characters in a movie. Just ask the attendees of Monster-Mania Con 8.

Metropolis Superman Celebration

Ok, guess where? Metropolis, Illinois. Get it? Get it? Please, God, tell me they’ve got some other means of supporting their local economy besides the annual Superman Celebration.


Aw, Geekfest has a MySpace page, and Geekfest only has five friends. Something tells me Geekfest will not be boomin’ this year.

Bionicon 2.0

A convention dedicated to the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman? Damn, even the costumes for this one will be lame.

For what it’s worth, you’ll find me at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comics Expo and at TransformersCon. (Damn, Ohio and Canada get all the good shit.)

Note: I was going to poke fun at Collectormania 11 (and need you ask why?), but then I checked out the planned celebrity appearances. Holy Joss-Whedon-fanboy’s-dream, Batman! Big names (in the land of geekdom), obscure names (that make you say, “Hey, yeah, I know that guy!”), and forgotten names (Lt. Gorman, a.k.a, “You were always an asshole, Gorman“ from Aliens, anyone?). Plus, Charisma Carpenter will be there, and she has got a really, really nice personality.


Very sweet girl. I hear she donates a lot of time to charities. And rescues abandoned puppies.

UPDATE: There’s more of chaste schoolgirl Charisma Carpenter in my post about meeting geek celebrities.


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