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Nastiest Tease of the Day: “Buffy in Batman?”

Kindly blow me, Ain’t It Cool News.

You taunted me with your headline, “Is Buffy Going To Be In Batman?” You put a glimmer of hope in my heart that the Buffy character would appear in Batman comics. Hell, maybe Buffy and Batman would even go a couple of rounds. (And not the dirty kind.) Wait, wait… and what if Joss Whedon himself made a guest appearance to write the issue! Holy shit, this could be huge!

Oh. Wait a tick. Isn’t the casting for the new Batman movie going on right now? Do I allow myself for a brief second to consider the ridiculous possibility that Buffy might appear as a character in the new movie? No-o-o-o-o. That’s too outrageous. Isn’t it? It’s got to be about the comic book, right?

No. It turns out there’s a shadow of a rumor that Sarah Michelle Gellar will have some sort of role in the new Batman movie.

Who. Cares.

(Well, I’ll care, at some later point. After I’ve gotten over this initial disappointment. Dicks.)


It could have been beautiful.

UPDATE: Shocker. The rumor holds no water. Just someone’s ploy to keep the fanboys on their toes.

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