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Super – Flat Panel Speakers from Japan

Do you think that the Japanese bother to look up from the 157 channels of TV on their Hello Kitty cell phones long enough to laugh at us Americans and our bass-ackwards consumer technology? We think it’s s-o-o-o-o cutting edge to use our cell phones to send email and surf rudimentary Web sites. Meanwhile, they’re holding teleconferences from Subway cars, swiping their phones like credit cards at check-out counters, and sending text messages to their robotic pet monkeys.

The latest insult to our status on the world stage of technological entertainment comes in the form of flat panel speakers. No, not sort-of-thin conventional cone speakers… not funny-shaped electrostatic speakers… revolutionary technology that allows speakers 1/4″-thick to have incredibly high fidelity without the limitations of other types of flat panel speakers.

How good is the fidelity? I found out that Celine Dion heard the speakers at an electronics expo and demanded a pair on the spot. Now, I couldn’t care if Celine Dion ever emerges from French-Canada again, but the lady knows good sound.

How did I find out about these marvels, as I’m trapped in the obsoleted wasteland that is the Amercican consumer electronics market? I’ve got a buddy who spent some time in Monaco investing in these sorts of companies.

Yeah. I’m totally cool-friend-dropping.

Take solace. Our country still has the markets cornered on childhood obesity and lack of people who “believe in” evolution. No one can take that away from us.

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