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Medical robots are advancing a bit too quickly.

How did we get from this news, from two months ago:

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A robot that lifts things. Novel.

…to this?

Robots that perform surgery can be driven by surgeons who no longer stand by the patient, but direct the operation from a computer console. Now a team of surgeons and scientists have shown that the surgeon and robot can be linked via a 4,000 mile Internet connection, or by satellite, reported in the journal The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery. This raises the possibility of a surgeon’s expertise being made available to patients lying in surgical theatres thousands of miles away.

This is one of those things that might sound good for a few minutes in theory. But then you realize it’s not worth the risk of infection and other medical complications.

It’s the same rationale that stops people from having sex with Paris Hilton.

No one who’s ever surfed the internet would agree to a “remote” operation. Ever heard of a dropped Internet signal, or lag? Tying your surgery’s outcome to the reliability of Comcast or Earthlink is akin to letting Microsoft Windows operate your car… not prudent.

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