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Badass Transformers T-shirt Pisses Off The Christian Coalition

Ok, show of hands… who knew that Michael Bay actually had another talent besides blowing shit up? He’s also quite the movie promoter.

In promotional photos released from the set of Transformers, “Boom Boom” Bay is seen wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Giant fucking robots are coming.” That’s awesome, even especially for him.

The good news is, whether you’re an ardent Transformers fanboy or you just want to emulate a one-dimensional action-flick director, you can order your own GFRAC t-shirt now at Michael Bay’s web site.

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Yes, but does it transform into a fanny-pack?

Of course, if you actually get this t-shirt for the purpose of emulating Michael Bay, then you probably 1) hail from Florida, and 2) spend too much time emulating Lindsay Lohan during her drug binges.

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