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Star Trek News for Nerds at Comic-Con

I have another compelling reason to look forward to ComicCon next month.

It’s not the opportunity to challenge Heroes’ Masi Oka to a lightsaber duel to the nerd-death.

It’s not the screening of the Superman Doomsday animated movie, almost two months before its release on DVD. (Remind me to take pictures of the nerds who cry when the cartoon version of Superman kicks the bucket on the big screen…)

Ok, I’ll tell you, since–let’s be honest–neither of us has anything better to do. It looks like the cast of the next Star Trek movie will be announced at ComicCon.

…where a nerd can finally get laid.

No, I haven’t turned to the dark side; I’m still no Star Trek fan. I want to start disparaging those actors and their sullied reputations just as soon as they’ve been identified.

At least director J.J. Abrams is redeeming himself somewhat on the Dark Tower project.

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