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Furries Are Just Like You and Me

…except for the occasional costumed sexual deviancy.

Help me out here, ’cause I don’t want to get yelled at again by an overly-agro cousin of Big Bird. Are these just costumed performers, or straight-up, fringe-faction furries? That is, are these just folks who enjoy hanging out in posses of animal costumes, or are these the people who only enjoy touching naughty bits when the bits are extra-furry and come in groups?

I’m asking because I don’t know whether to be uncomfortable… or really, really uncomfortable.

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  • Chris October 30, 2007, 9:20 am

    To be honest, I can’t say whether you should be uncomfortable on very uncomfortable. Some furries are a little….creepy X3 As for that particular group in the video, I’m familiar with some of them. And those are furries, not performers :3 That was taken at a convention I believe. That group is harmless I’m sure :P

  • Joseph December 17, 2008, 2:48 pm

    A year later, and I have returned, Mr. Snark(you may recall my earlier post on the issue of “Furries Vs. Klingons”).
    To answer your question here accurately, you have to figure out what exactly you perceive to being a “furry”. In recent times that term seems to be most commonly tied to the sub-sect known as “fursuiters”. While many furries are indeed fursuiters, the vast majority tend to be more…shall we say, inconspicuous about their involvement within the furry fandom.
    The key here is to remember that what furry means to one individual may greatly different in another person’s mindset. To place a general label other than an interest in anthropomorphics would be misleading as that is what it is in its base form. Sure, some take it further than that, but many leave it at just that. There are those who cause trouble, and partake in undesirable acts, and then there are those who are great citizens who would just as soon help someone they knew not of a moment before as they would help themselves. The primary point being, furry is indeed a diverse culture full of many different ideas (some not so nice, though many just plain cool).
    In short, to answer your question I might ask you to first ask you to understand clearly who and what furries are at their base (and believe me, it’s not easy to see that concept with all this crap on the internet), and then from there, ignoring the sub-sects, make your decision.

    My idea? Well I find some of the more “out there” activities a bit odd (not keen on fursuiting myself), but all in all, I see it as something that if I don’t like I shall avoid, but I see no real reason to involve myself with (specifically reprimanding). Generally speaking, however, I find it to be just another part of human culture, and as such, I don’t find it to be that odd, but then again, that’s merely my perspective.

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