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Demand for Star Trek Stamps Numbers in the Tens

If the US Postal Service wanted to sell an overwhelming boatload of collectible stamps, they’d release Superstars of NASCAR postage sheets. (Star Wars stamps have already been done, so, really… what’s left?)

But this week, the USPS has entered the business of not selling very many stamps at all, as evidenced by its approval of sets “saluting” the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

These work just as well as a “KICK ME” sign if you stick them to someone’s back.

At least the USPS and (gasp, exclusive!) distributor, Creative Entertainment, had the good sense to realize that only a very small sect of the entire nerd kingdom would care to spend money on postage bearing the likeness of Geordi LaForge. Hence, the limited run of 500 sets.

And they correctly figured that those very few hard-core Trekkers would be willing to hand over hefty portions of their System Administrator paychecks for the privilege of ownership. I mean, behold the whopping current bid of $129 on Ebay. I’m sure the price will skyrocket to at least $150 as bidding comes down to the wire. (Must be nice to run a government institution that doesn’t have to concern itself with positive return-on-investment.)

If I’m wrong, and the sets go for anywhere north of $200, then you Trekker nerds are lamer than I thought. Spend less money on Picard costumes and more money on haircuts and soap.

Note: Please don’t take this as a slight, USPS. You know I love you and your delightful mail delivery services and your not killing of me in a murderous rampage.

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  • lizard June 27, 2007, 6:10 pm

    what, no Wesley Crusher stamp? i bet wil wheaton is bummed.

  • Great White Snark June 27, 2007, 6:20 pm

    Excellent point! He’s the only one from the cast that has notable geek cred… they could have easily driven the bids up to $135.

  • Cindi June 27, 2007, 9:09 pm

    Awesome post. And I like Great White Snark’s new look. Kudos.

    As for the stamps, why buy Star Trek stamps when I can annoy everybody by making stamps with my son’s picture?

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