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For and Against Japanese Robot Pets

Furthering Japan’s efforts to roboticize the world, Sega Toys has announced the latest additions to its successful line of lifelike, animatronic Dream Pets… a American Short Hair cat, an owl, and a Blue and Gold Macaw parrot.

In favor of somewhat-lifelike robot pets:

  1. No more trips to the allergist. At least until ragweed season, you wuss.
  2. Robo-cat doesn’t shit on the living room carpet when you have displeased it.
  3. You can enjoy the benefits of being a Crazy Cat Lady without the telltale fur covering all of your clothing. If you’re into that kind of thing.
  4. If you’re super-rich and have run out of other toys to buy, you’ll have something new to show off to your less-fortunate friends, who will feign interest as their resentment towards you quietly boils.
  5. You probably wouldn’t otherwise have a pet owl.
  6. Mods. Lots of mods. When you and your Labrador play fetch, can he shoot a grappling hook out of his mouth? I thought not.

Why won’t you eat the carrot, Barbaro? Why?

Against the soulless abominations:

  1. You can’t use them to pick up chicks. Unless you’re into chicks who understand and respect the rules of Pokemon.
  2. Did I mention the lack of a soul, and cold, dead eyes?
  3. Swatting one with a newspaper isn’t very satisfying. And can be really expensive if it pops a gasket or something.
  4. You’ll never be able to tell the funny story about the first time you heard grandma use the F-word… when the robo-dog humped her leg at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

What say you?

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  • Marty July 3, 2007, 8:14 am

    Yes I’m glad I’ll finally be able to have the pet Owl I’ve wanted since childhood. Talons swooping down at us during dinner, the never-ending hooting while trying to sleep. What a great pet idea.

  • Great White Snark July 3, 2007, 10:15 pm

    Sounds like a stuffed owl might be more appropriate for your household, Marty.

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