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Holographic Technology Promises Virtual Sex Games in Three to Five Years

Once you’ve considered the holodeck technology and the buxom actresses in form-fitting uniforms, you’ve just about considered everything worth noting that’s been showcased in Star Trek. Through the magic of Hollywood, buxom actresses in tight outfits are practically ubiquitous. Thanks to recent developments in 360° projection technology, now we’re even closer to recreating the holodeck technology.

And by “closer,” I mean three-to-five years away from any real-life applications that will be a pale shadow of the holodeck experience.

Wait. Seriously, that’s it?

But all promising technology has to start somewhere, right? Consider the internet. Remember how quaint we were in the mid-1990s, excited about the possibilities of sharing ideas and information throughout a “global village”? Well, we’ve almost gotten there, but not before the sex.com domain name sold for $14 million dollars.

We have our priorities, after all.

Which is why you shouldn’t cross your fingers that new 360° projection technology will provide virtual tours of the world’s most famous landmarks and monuments. More likely that for $79.99, you’ll be able to take a three-dimensional walkabout in the space under Paris Hilton’s skirt.

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