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The Super Big Toys of Comic Con

Or, “The stuff I wanted to play with at home but wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.”

Click on the images for larger versions. Not that bigger is better. You certainly didn’t hear anything like that from me.



Hello, old friend.


Say hello to my new dining room chandelier. Now I just need a dining room.


I feel like every geek is obligated to own a Dalek, should he have the means and opportunity.


A case full of Batman action figures. It’d be like having a Batman army… every geeky little boy’s dream. More or less.


This thing presided over several tables of Magic: The Gathering or some intensively lame shit like that. (No, I’ve never tried the game, lest I get sucked into that nerd vortex. I’ve got enough problems.) I want to steal this bastard and put him in a pink sun dress just to get these nerds’ panties in a collective wad.


Who needs decorative pillars flanking your front door when you can have a giant frigging robot?


Security frowns upon someone walking off the convention floor carrying a display case full of classic G1 G.I. Joe action figures. Even if you insist you “really, really need it.”


Forget “classic” G.I. Joe action figures. This is the ORIGINAL Sgt. Slaughter!


And he won’t hesitate to lecture a young boy on the evils of Cobra Commander.


A smart-ass, remote-controlled, hobby shop R2D2.

This thing rolled up to a lady and said, “I feel I should tell you, from this angle, I can see up your skirt.” Oh, nerds… sigh.


When someone misbehaves in my home, I chain them to Jabba. Only the really naughty girls get to wear the bikini. Ha, ha, just kidding… I don’t know any girls.


Why? Well, just because I love promoting Michael Bay movies. (Oh, excuse me, I just threw up in the back of my throat a little, there.)


Call me, Kristen Bell. I even promise not to call you Veronica Mars. Unless you want me to.

Damn, girl. You so fine. Tell me more about them snowflakes.

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  • nickolai August 6, 2007, 5:17 pm

    That’s awesome! I want my very own Sergeant Slaughter to take home!

  • Great White Snark August 6, 2007, 5:22 pm

    You probably can, for a few hundred bucks.

  • Anim8or October 20, 2007, 3:02 pm

    I would say you could just walk into any gay bar in Daytona and walk out with a dude that looks like Sgt. Slaughter (probably find a guy dressed like him too)… not that I frequent those establishments.

  • Jimmy July 28, 2008, 6:12 pm

    literally snowflakes falling on skin…well…she’s clearly educated. I mean she figured out snow falls….and that if you’re under it…it would fall on you…so she’s got the physics down….

    why do retards get to be the celebrities

    Oh did you year about Labeouf just drinking and driving causing a crash? Lindsay Lohan? Paris Hilton?… Case and Point

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