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The Best Geek TV Hookups – Videos

Is it raining cats and dogs yet? Has north become south, and we suddenly can’t stop the influx of illegal immigrant Canadians who want to steal all of our fruit-picking jobs?

Because I’m feeling a little loopy. First, my happiest TV time this week spent with Reaper–a show on the CW that isn’t Veronica Mars(!). Curious. Further, the sweetness and charm of the relationship between the two main characters has prompted me to post this entry about wuv, sweet wuv.

See? I told you something was awry. I’m saying things like “sweetness”. I better go fix a car or something before my testosterone abandons me altogether.

By the way, Missy Peregrym (Jesus, if that is your real name), co-star of Reaper, I’m glad you’ve finally found respectable, steady work. I’ve had the hotpants for you ever since you starred on that incredibly short-lived, craptacular martial arts drama, Black Sash. (Giggle.) I don’t care if your movie Stick It made baby angels weep.

Anyway. At first I considered finding clips on YouTube of the seminal moments between these characters. And, no, I don’t mean the moments in which semen was first introduced into their relationships… so stop ruining the mood, Ok? Instead, I decided that video montages set to cheesy ballads would be much, much more entertaining. Even if you’re not familiar with these characters, you can still enjoy the cheeze-whizzy goodness. Marvel at the denizens of YouTube who have wuh-hay too much time on their hands.

Xander and Cordelia – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The super-hot girl forgoes her shallow lifestyle and friends to be with the big doofus, because she’s a good and layered person (despite outward appearances) who recognizes a lot amazing, not-so-obvious qualities in him. Every big doofus’ fantasy. Cue the cheesy montage.

Veronica and Logan – Veronica Mars

I think when when Veronica and Logan first hooked up, it was the first time I yelled, “Oh, SNAP!” at my television. What a charged-up moment. I just wanted these two crazy kids to be happy.

Tasha Yar and Data – Star Trek – The Next Generation

The moment that goes down in history as the fictional drunken hookup witnessed by the most nerds. Oh, the mental images. Those unsettling mental images…

No cheesy song can make this even comically palatable.

George-Michael and Maeby – Arrested Development

You know how once two characters finally hook up after building up the tension forever, your fascination wanes? I don’t know what it is about these two oddball cousins, but their relationship(?) was just as engaging and hilarious as their courtship(?).

Hurley and Libby – Lost

Ok, so what if it was completely unbelievable. Who doesn’t want the lovable fat guy to find true romance?

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  • Lucy Dee September 27, 2007, 3:40 pm

    Hey, there, SNARK!
    I love the blog. You certainly have a sense of humor on the blog that I’m diggin’. Hey, would you be up for an interview? I remember Yaro mentioning something about interviewing fellow bloggers, and I saw your post on BMM, so I thought, “why not?”

    Congrats on the BIG five-O… isn’t frustrating how that number never seems to move from there???

    Hit me up on my blog….

    Or email me: standup101 [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Congrats, once again, fellow blogger.

  • Great White Snark September 27, 2007, 3:46 pm

    Hey, Lucy, an interview sounds good, I’ll get in touch.

    My feed count was at 63 a couple of days ago. I think I sent some people screaming away with my post about Furries. ;)

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