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Reader Poll – What say you about the director of the Clash of the Titans remake?

Variety reported today that Steve Norrington will direct the remake of the 1980s kitsch classic, Clash of the Titans.

If you’ve never heard of Steve Norrington before, that might be because you didn’t sit through League of Extraordinary Gentlemen long enough to get to the end credits. Of course, this is also the dude who directed Blade, so he’s not short on geek cred.

The funny thing (funny interesting, not funny oh my god my pancreas is cramping from all this laughter!) is, Steve’s full resume reveals him as a full-time special effects artist and technician who happens to direct a movie every once in a while. His special effects work has included sculpting for Exorcist: The Beginning, designing creatures for Jim Henson productions, supervising animatronics for Young Sherlock Holmes, doing make-up effects in Blade and Hellraiser: Bloodline, handling creature effects in Alien3, and illustrating for Blade: Trinity.

So, if you look beyond the popular, one-dimensional spin on today’s news (“Steve Norrington, who hasn’t directed a film since 2003’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, …”), you very well might find some rhyme and reason in the selection of Norrington to drive this effects- and creature-centric project.

Assuming you’re not busy being appalled that yet another treasured cinematic gem from the 1980s is undergoing a crass “re-imagining” treatment.


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  • Nima December 15, 2007, 11:59 am

    The story with LoEG is complex and strange. It was reported that Norrington and Connery got into huge fights over the film, and I think Connery ended up recutting the film himself. Norrington was quoted as saying he wasn’t going to direct another film ever again. Crazy.

    The “Blood Club” scene in Blade 1 is one of the best scenes in any comic book movie, possibly any movie period.

    But, why are they remaking Clash of the Titans? What the hell?

  • Great White Snark December 15, 2007, 1:49 pm

    Yeah, I remember the story with LoEG well… it’s too bad it played out like that, because I wouldn’t trust Sean Connery to edit a Scottish beard, let alone an entire movie.

    The blood club scene was pretty frigging awesome.

    And I fully expect some poor reactions to the plan to remake this film… somehow it seems even more sacrilegious than remaking the Karate Kid. Probably because Clash was never run into the ground with a series of increasingly lame sequels. It still maintains its purity.

  • Karen December 16, 2007, 5:52 pm

    I love this movie! How dare they screw with it!!! I just KNOW that it will be jam-packed with special effects and the leads will be nauseatingly perfect stars. It’s just plain wrong. Wrong I tell you. I think I’m going to cry over here.

  • nickolai December 17, 2007, 10:03 am

    The only way I’d be remotely interested in this remake is if they can re-animate Ray Harryhausen’s corpse in Harryhausen-esque fashion, to work on the creature effects for the new movie. Good luck!

    Wait, check that, Harryhausen’s still alive.

  • Rudy December 19, 2007, 10:58 am

    I think the remake can potentially be good. I remembered the original CotT was so cheesy, special effects and all. They had the right actor though, for the time. The only memorable scene was the Medusa eyes. Other than that, I think there’s plenty room for improvement.

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