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Kristen Bell In Slave Leia Costume and Four Other Sexy Outfits

Kristen Bell Slave Leia Closeup

Kristen Bell, I know your powers are considerable. You’ve conquered all forms of geek media and have made it look so very, very easy. (When’s the comic book coming out, by the way?) You can solve mysteries like a veteran FBI agent as Veronica Mars. And shoot lightning from your fingertips on Heroes. And change the properties of sequins so that they only reflect one kind of light… and that’s starlight.

But if someone had told me that you had mastered the art of mass hypnosis, I would have said, “What’s mass hypnosis?” And then I would have said, “Kristen Bell? C’mon. I mean, I know she’s a woman of many talents, but when would she have time between her latest movie project and being incredibly fashion-savvy to develop the skills to infiltrate and take control of the minds of fanboys everywhere?”

And, of course, I’d find myself ashamed for underestimating your time-management skills. Now that I’ve seen these compellingly sexy pictures… I hear and obey.  Tell me your bidding.


Sexy Kristen Bell
Source: Co-Ed Magazine

I looked up “sexy coyness” in the dictionary, and it said, “What Kristen Bell so masterfully pulls off in this picture.”

And then it said, “See: Giggly Japanese co-eds. No, not jiggly. Giggly.”


Kristen Bell Lingerie
Source: PopCultureShock

This issue featured gems like the “Match the Rack” quiz, which prompted readers to match a popular comic or video game character’s identity with her pictured bust. Yikes. Of course, what did I expect from editors trying to transform a magazine about comic books into something like Maxim Lite.

At least they got something right.


Kristen Bell Bikini Sarah Marshall
Source: Egotastic

Producer Judd Apatow knows what the fanboys like: dick jokes, Jonah Hill, and you, in a lovely pink bikini.


Kristen Bell Swimsuit
Source: Beyond Hollywood

Leave it to you to offer cleavage that’s not only sexy, but also ironic

As a side note: I never trust anyone with a crack habit, an empty wallet, and a gun. Just a rule of thumb.


Kristen Bell Slave Leia Costume

Oh, man. My mind is dazzled by the combination of Kristen Bell and the bestest, most iconic, sexy sci-fi costume ever.

If I weren’t so busy being dazzled, I might accuse the producers of Fanboys of blatant pandering for releasing this promotional shot. But ‘pandering’ is such an ugly word. Instead, let’s call it, “the awesomest thing I’ve seen since Natalie Portman took her clothes off in Hotel Chevalier.”


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  • Nathan D January 10, 2008, 3:28 pm

    And she has a nice personality

  • The Jay January 14, 2008, 5:53 pm

    My response to those pictures: Hatchi Matchi!

    (locks bedroom door)

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