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WonderCon 2008: The Three Best Things Brendan Fraser Said While on Cold Medication

Brendan Fraser appeared at at a Q&A at WonderCon on Friday to shill for Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D and to wow the audience with his bizarre behavior and loose grip on basic mathematical concepts.

Brendan Fraser at WonderCon 2008

No explanation was offered for his bug-eyed antics and often laborious, meandering tangents, but many chalked up the episode to the influence of powerful cold medication.

I mean, I assume it was cold medication. It sure wasn’t a bad dose of Propecia making him behave so strangely. If you know what I’m sayin’.

3) In response to a question about his favorite movies among the work he’s done:

I think Gods and Monsters was an important movie.

Fair enough. I mean, “important” is a bit pretentious, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions about how misguidedly-enormous your ego might be…

I also think The Quiet American was an important movie.

Ok. Yeah. Methinks you should consider switching up your medication to a dose of humility filled with Airheads, laced with Bedazzled, and washed down with some Dudley Do-Right. Ok, Encino Man? Christ.

But those two gems were just a warm-up for the main event of What the hell is he talking about?

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That’s right: Fraser’s cold has swelled his head to a point where he thinks that George of the Jungle is an honest-to-Jesus pop culture phenomenon. Sure. Right up there with the Flowbee.

2) Here’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say:

I publicly apologize for Monkeybone.

Reasonable… unless you immediately follow it with this:

(E-mail subscribers and RSS readers, visit the post to see the video.)

Creepiest. Cackle. Ever.

In case you were wondering… no, no one else got the, uh… joke. I think it’s fair to say everyone in attendance was too preoccupied with their concern over his mental health.

1) In response to an audience member asking for advice for aspiring actors:

When I asked for that same advice when I was in training in Seattle, I asked the same question. I got a one word answer. Well… two. Well… three: ‘Have courage.’

Ha! Thank you, Brendan Fraser, talented elocutionist and ninja mathematician.

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  • Nathan D February 24, 2008, 3:22 pm

    I wonder if these bizarre “star” performances are really just a product of being at WonderCon in the first place. That is, maybe these guys go back home and tell stories about their crazy antics in front of the geek crowd.

    “Man, you should have seen them — they were eating it up, and they actually thought I gave two shits! [insert cackle here]”

  • Karen February 24, 2008, 5:34 pm

    Perhaps before facing the crowd of nerds and geeks who he knew were going to ask him a bunch of obnoxious stupid questions, he sat crying in the back room drinking Jose Cuervo straight from the bottle until his poorly recompensed appearance at WonderCon was called. I mean, you gotta feel for the guy. WonderCon? I had great hopes for that man.

  • Great White Snark February 24, 2008, 6:13 pm

    C’mon, Nathan. We both know he’s not that good of an actor. He was genuinely either a) naturally not that bright or 2) drugged up.

    Of course, Karen cites a perfectly believable third possible scenario.

  • Nathan D February 24, 2008, 8:46 pm

    Yeah, I can buy the “WonderCon is really just a great excuse to get drunk. At 10am.”

  • Jasmine March 3, 2008, 12:20 am

    I was at that panel and I think that Brendan was high…..maybe off of his own hair products…….

    I would agree with Karen above if this was ten years ago that he was at Wondercon, but nowadays bigger celebrities are showing up all the time at the two California comic-cons to promote their films. Edward Norton, Gerard Butler, Hilary Swank, etc. in person. Even Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have done via sattellite blab for their upcoming film.

    Anyway, Brendan’s weird rambling wasn’t helped by his freaky hairdo/hairplugs (?) he had going on either…. Hopefully he’ll get it together.

  • Jess July 17, 2008, 8:29 am

    C’mon guys, cut the dude some slack. I saw him in person a few days ago and he was perfectly fine, perfectly coherent, and despite being incredibly tired from being run ragged doing press for the new releases, he was actually very sweet, genuine, and humble, as well as self deprecating (I got the opportunity to talk to him – it seems he gets slightly uncomfortable answering questions to big crowds/interviewers, but when he talks to his fans or one on one he’s a different person.) He might be a bit quirky, but he’s a good guy. Every single person I’ve talked to that has met him in person has said the same thing.

  • Jess July 17, 2008, 8:33 am

    Oh, and anyone who’s seen Gods and Monsters or School Ties knows that Brendan can indeed act quite well. He’s actually got one of the more diverse careers in Hollywood. Think about it, he’s done indie films (Gods and Monsters, Crash), drama (School Ties, With Honors), offbeat films (Monkeybone), romantic comedies (Blast from the Past, Mrs. Winterbourne), comedies (Encino Man, Airheads), Kids films (George of the Jungle, Dudley Do Right), big budget action adventure (The Mummy movies)… he’s pretty much done it all. I for one think he’s an underrated actor.

  • Phillip August 11, 2008, 5:47 pm

    Jess Says:
    “I for one think he’s an underrated actor.”

    Jess be smoking the same thing heebee smoking.


  • Rosebud May 20, 2009, 5:16 am

    Oh come on, guys! He’s an acting trader, anyway, that did his homework good (playing script that he DIDN’T WRITE, remember) and after years of disappereance he became in sight of the whole world, all of a sudden, with THREE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES, took in 2 years and promoted all together in the whole 2008, with 3 boys, a divorce and all the stess connected… Probably it’s all connected, and a kid star coming from George of The jungle cannot manage that easily. Look his old interviews, from mummy too… he was never this way! Never! Any of you, any of us, in front of an enourmous stress like the one he’s been throught in 2007-2008, would have be taking something stronger than coffee to handle with all that. YOU KNOW WE’D DO. An his important rule is with us, the fans, not the press, and with us he’s famous to be sweet always. And stop talking about his hair, for god’s sake… what kinda persons you are? Don’t you all expect to grow older? Get the boy some break. Watch some interview on the tube, and watch what sorta journalist he has to front every time, and rest nicely even if anyone would have been screaming “whatta hell dya wanna from me? Movies or clowning?”

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