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Geek Steal: Price Drop on TiVo HD DVR for a Limited Time!

As far as material possessions go, there aren’t many things I’ve loved more than my 1993 Taurus SHO, my run of 1990s Uncanny X-Men issues penciled by Jim Lee, and my TiVo.

That’s why I did a little Russian folk dance in my head when I saw that TiVo has introduced some sweet new summer Web specials, including a limited-time price-drop on refurbished models of the Comcast-killing Tivo HD DVR.

That’s right… high-definition, two-tuner DVR service from a kick-ass TiVo box that replaces your cable box and its klunky DVR. A sweeter sentiment has not been, erm… sentimented… since General Mills himself added honey and nuts to Cheerios.

Until August 31 or “while supplies last,” TiVo has lowered the price of refurbished TiVo HD DVRs to $179.99 when purchasing a service plan. That’s $20 off the usual price I promote here on GWS and a 40% off a new HD DVR.

If you’re wondering about the implications of buying a refurbished model, worry not!

All TiVo factory-renewed products are tested and certified by TiVo and shipped to you free of charge. Plus our regular product warranty AND 30 day Money Back Guarantee apply to all factory-renewed DVRs.

Purchase a factory-renewed HD DVR for $179.99 and save 40%!

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  • Paul July 10, 2008, 10:38 am

    Man, I miss my old Tivo. Not a bad deal.

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