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Hellboy BPRD Logo Tattoo – GWS Reader Ink

Every once in a while, a Great White Snark reader will e-mail me a photo of their cool, geeky tattoo.

Which is totally great. But it does sort of make me wish I wrote a sardonic blog on ladies’ naughty bits instead of one on geek curiosities. That’s all I’m saying.

Recently I heard from my good buddy Stephen Lindsay–writer/creator extraordinaire of the hilarious and wonderfully-drawn Jesus Hates Zombies graphic novels and Ham & Eggs webcomics–who has some fresh ink on his left wrist. He’s sporting a tattoo of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense logo, as seen in the Hellboy comic books and movies.

This wasn’t Stephen’s first trip to the ink doctor.

I have 23 tattoo total. Started on my 18th birthday when I got Kermit the Frog on my right calf. In the 13 years since I’ve gotten:

  1. Dopey (left thigh)
  2. Spiderman (back of right left)
  3. The Pearl Jam “Alive” figure (right outer calf)
  4. A Samurai (left inner calf)
  5. A Native American Girl (left outer calf)
  6. A Ralph Steadman Hunter S. Thompson drawing from “Fear and Loathing…” (left ankle)
  7. A tribal on my stomach
  8. A Dreamcatcher (left chest)
  9. A Chinese Dragon (right chest)
  10. A huge Calvin & Hobbs on my back
  11. Snoopy flying his doghouse (right shoulder)
  12. A Male Angel (outer left forearm)
  13. A Female Angel (inner left forearm)
  14. A Claddagh inside a Clover with my parent’s initials around it (left bicep)
  15. A Goldfish (upper left bicep)
  16. Jimminie Cricket (inner right forearm)
  17. Betty Boop sitting in a Martini Glass (outr right forearm)
  18. The words “Ti Jean” with a feather pen (right wrist)
  19. The words “Carpe Diem” (upper back)
  20. Yoda (right bicep)
  21. A Golden Eagle (upper right bicep)
  22. The B.P.R.D Logo (left wrist)

I haven’t seen a motley collection of images like that since I last opened the photo album of my trip through adolescence. Although that photo album featured a few more cartoonishly awkward characters than Stephen’s tattoos do.

Do you have a geeky tattoo you’d like to show off? Contact me with a photo and description, and I’ll profile it in a post on this here blog. And I’ll even be gentle about it.

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  • Rhiannon August 14, 2008, 2:05 pm

    “But it does sort of make me wish I wrote a sardonic blog on ladies’ naughty bits instead of one on geek curiosities. ”

    I’m *sure* some of your lady readers have geek tattoos by their naughty bits! Or, at least have geek tattoos and naughty lady bits.

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