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Lady in Sexy Darth Vader Costume Does the Pee-Pee Dance – Kooky Star Wars Tribute

There’s nothing like a sexy lady in a latex Star Wars costume to warm the cockles of my heart.

And, of course, by “cockles of my heart,” I mean “heart of my cockle… region.”

But this photo, found on Yahoo! Korea? Not so much. Looking at this gives me that queasy sensation similar to the one I get when I accidentally1 stumble across Japanese anime porn on the interwebs.

Latex Darth Vader Dancing

You think this came from Kim Jong-il’s private collection? ‘Cause this has “Axis of Evil” written all over it.

1And before you start looking at me like that… you ever been to MySpace? That place is a cesspool, people. A cesspool.

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  • Anonymous September 20, 2008, 10:29 pm

    Lol, nice bondage mod.

  • STSWB5SG1FAN August 20, 2009, 7:23 am

    I’ve always wondered, how does he go to the bathroom in that costume anyway?

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