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Chloe Sullivan, Loyal Friend and Human Crash-Test Dummy – Smallville Comedy

Poor, long-suffering Chloe Sullivan.  Out of all of the heavily-abused people who have circled Clark Kent’s orbit–Lana, Pete, Lex, Lionel, Mama Kent, Papa Kent–Chloe’s the only one still hanging around, patiently awaiting her next strangulation. Or beat-down. Or car crash. Or fall off a building. Or exploding house.

Whatever. She can totally list Doing impressions of a human crash-test dummy next to Unnerving spunkiness in the “Other Interests” section of her resume.

She claims she’s moved past her romantic feelings for Clark, but this has the stink of “co-dependent relationship” all over it.  Especially after the part where he grabs her prom tiara and super-bitchslaps her across a room.  If that doesn’t scream “time to find a new best friend,” I don’t know what does.

Not that Chloe ever received that memo. Otherwise, you’d think that she and Lana would have spent some quality time apart after that enthusiastic ass-whooping that starts at about 1:32 in the video. Man. It just goes on and on. Good stuff.

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  • Chris October 21, 2008, 12:35 pm

    Poor girl. I like Chloe, but she’s really been through a lot.

    How she stays around Clark completely baffles me.

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