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Lionel Luthor Had the Evil Beat Right Out of Him – Smallville Comedy

Ah, Lionel Luthor.  A.k.a., The Magnificent Bastard.  A.k.a., The Glorious Bastard.  I noticed as I was compiling this video of his injuries, abuses, and mishaps over his seven seasons on Smallville that the intensity of his evil diminished in proportion to how much physical damage he sustained.

Consider this: he goes all but unscathed until the last scenes of season one, at the height of his diabolicalness. (Diabolicality? Diabolicalicity? Meh… he was a dick.) But by the time Lex drops him out of a highrise window in season seven (at 3:51 in the video), Lionel completely reeks of “do-gooder.”

Let that be a lesson to you, kids.  Crime pays and virtuousness will have you splattered like a boysenberry pancake on the sidewalk.

Note how the producers give Lionel’s scenes an operatic score when he gets shot (at 0:30) and when he gets shanked (at 1:15).  You’d think he’d at least merit a B-side Charlotte Church track when he gets absolutely rocketed face-first into a windshield (at 2:34).  No such luck.

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