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Lois Lane Drowns. A Lot. – Smallville Comedy

When you watch this wince-inducing video of Lois Lane’s history of injuries during her four full seasons on Smallville, try to forget that she gets stabbed… and dies. (At 2:38 in the video.) And forget that her lungs are more waterlogged than the grand dining room of Titanic, thanks to unfortunate and multiple drowning episodes at 0:20, 0:54, and 1:44.

Lois Lane from Smallville

What I want to know is: just how many times can your brain suffer from severe oxygen deprivation before it begins to fail you in your career as a sharp-as-a-tack investigative reporter for the renowned Daily Planet?

Well, at least five or six times, apparently. (Including a high-altitude depressurization at 1:38 and a strangulation at 2:27.)

Wow, all this and she’s not even Superman’s girlfriend, yet. That doesn’t bode well for the continued integrity of her brain cavity. Or, well… her health in general. Just ask Lana Lang.

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  • Sami Holloway October 27, 2008, 10:32 am

    You know, that really does go a long way toward explaining why she never figured out who superman was…


  • Kat October 27, 2008, 1:39 pm

    This is why I don’t watch Smallville. I keep giggling whens he gets hurt.

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