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The Supporting Characters Who Couldn’t Handle the Pressure. Or the Head Trauma. – Smallville Comedy

Sure, Lex Luthor did finally bail on Smallville after seven seasons, but only after he had sustained more bodily damage than a human can withstand without resembling a bowl of lumpy mashed potatoes.  (The kind with little, chewy bits of potato skin in it.)

Other supporting characters from Smallville didn’t share his resilience.  Or his burning, unrequieted man-love with Clark, for that matter.  (But that’s another story.)

Pete Ross SmallvilleMartha Kent SmallvilleWhitney on Smallville


Not even the love of a doe-eyed, blank-faced woman like Lana Lang could keep Whitney around for more than a season.

He met his final fate (0:41) in the ‘Nam* early in season two before his nasty habit of crashing shiny, new pickup trucks could get any worse.

* Yes, the ‘Nam. I think the Smallville location scouts were shooting for an “Iraq” look-and-feel, but ended up with “the Los Angeles hills.” But who gets killed by mortar rounds in L.A.?  Hence: the ‘Nam.

Martha Kent

When your choices are between:

A) more drowning in corn (0:09), more drowning in water (2:12), and having meteors demolish your house while you’re still in it (1:27), and

B) moving to Washinton, D.C. to pursue your career as a Senator

…yeah, I’d opt for moving far, far away with Secret Service protection, too.

Please note that–like Whitney–Mrs. Kent was also party to trashing two pickup trucks.  I’m starting to think there’s some sort of quota.

Pete Ross

Pete Ross had his share of vehicular mayhem, as well. (Caught in car explosions, much? 0:56) Although, most of the “mayhem” he saw over his few seasons on Smallville was visited upon his skull.

The resulting memory loss from those concussions is the only way I can explain his one-episode return in season seven for even more abuse.  The good news is, no one can forget a beating that severe. (2:07)

Ouch. Was that a squeal?

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