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Finally, A Batman Whose Ass I Could Kick – Geeky Cake of the Week

Finally, someone has recognized that the gruff, masculine, formidable, and not-at-all-dorky vision for Batman is all played out.

I can now present to you the kind of Batman to which an average dude like me can actually relate: spindly-armed, near-sighted, and big-nosed.  And is that an unnaturally-narrow, yet oblong-shaped head?

Yeah, it’s almost like this guy and I were cut from the same cloth.

Batman Topper Cake

This 100%-edible Batman cake ‘n topper comes from Shaina, who communicated with me via a sophisticated English-to-internet-slang translating technology:

u can use the pic. i dont remeber what flavour the cake is – i think chocolate with vanilla filling. it is completely edible all decorations made with fondant. it was made for a batman fan 4 his bday

Shaina’s Flickr photostream features more of her awesome 3D custom cakes, but sadly… very little of her ninja-like mastery of the written word.

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  • Paul November 12, 2008, 10:13 am

    I’m very sure that DOVID was excited to see his super awesome Batman cake.

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