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These Batman Tattoos Are Just Like Mine, Except Good – GWS Reader Ink

Listen, Angie.  Yes, I have but one, somewhat-pathetic Batman tattoo on my hip.  And, yes, you’ve got a rather sharp-looking Batman (or Batgirl) tattoo on each hip.  But it’s not like it’s a competition, ok?

Angie rubs her supposedly-superior level of Batman fan-ism in my face:

I have been a huge Batman fan since I was 2. [My mom] made me a Batgirl costume for Halloween and I wore it out. I’ve met Adam West and Yvonne Craig, my heroes :) So when I decided I wanted to get a tattoo, I figured it should be Batman. So my first tattoo was the black and yellow Bat symbol on my hip.

Well, one time I saw a guy on the street in New York selling bootleg copies of Batman, and that guy totally looked like a bald Tim Burton. So… I guess we’re even on that score.

After I got my Batman and saw how good it looked, I decided to get the Batgirl symbol on my other hip. They both came out great. My last tattoo is going to be a Joker card that I design and that’s going in the middle of my back, between Batman and Batgirl. :)

Oh, really?  Three tattoos?  That’s cool, I guess.  If you’re weak.  I’m, like… going to have a belt tattooed around my waist made up of the faces of Batman’s gallery of villains.  Right after I change my middle name to Bruce Wayne Alfred Dick Grayson. I have an appointment on, uh, Tuesday or whatever.

So.  There’s that.

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  • AngieBatgirl December 1, 2008, 5:37 pm

    Aww, it’s ok. Yours is small but it’s cute!

    Thanks for posting my tats :D Oh and I should’ve said my last Batman-related tattoo. I’m actually getting 4 more in addition to the Joker card but they won’t have anything to do with Batman.

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