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Want to Create a Custom Two Face Minifig? Set Half of a LEGO Figure on Fire

Flickr user chaosfish1 customarily puts a lot of care and precision into his custom LEGO minifigs.  But to create this creepy Two Face LEGO minifig inspired by The Dark Knight, he took a more… blunt approach:

I really did burn half of his face and suit to get the desired look.

Very authentic.  Just like in the movie.

Along those lines, I’ll soon be sticking a female LEGO figure in a shoebox stuffed with lit M-80s.  Voila!  Custom Rachel Dawes minifig.

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  • nickolai December 3, 2008, 10:01 am

    Hmm. I would expect even half-burned Lego-men to have perfectly uniform, cylindrical teeth that you could easily snap lego-food onto. I guess I was wrong.

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