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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending Dec 6, 2008

Here’s a tasty sampler platter of the geeky links I shared on Twitter throughout the past week. Follow me on Twitter to get the full-service experience.  Wink, wink.

(If you’re getting that “Hey, I’m disoriented by this unfamiliar type of post!” sensation… it might be because this is the first in a new weekly series.  Also?  You should lay off the ‘shrooms.)

  • Win awesome geeky toys and collectibles just for doing good. (If, you know…you’re into that sort of thing. “Good.”) http://twurl.nl/x7gmks
  • The Kids in the Hall are working on a new TV miniseries. (P.S. I’m squishing your head as you read this.) http://twurl.nl/jkhh3m
  • Reaper FINALLY returns to CW’s schedule… in March. You call it “midseason replacement,” I call it an “afterthought.” http://is.gd/aaBr
  • Apparently toy makers think there’s nothing great that wouldn’t be better as a Transformer. Including basketball players. http://is.gd/a0a2
  • Deja vu, much? Original concept art for Battlestar Galactica by renowned Star Wars illustrator Ralph McQuarrie. http://twurl.nl/xbvc50
  • Retweeting @Memles: RT @ProgGrrl HOLY FRAK PEOPLE… SciFi Channel greenlights CAPRICA to series http://is.gd/9Q57
  • Lord of the Rings meets Fabio meets bad 80s pop. Divine. (Thanks @ToplessRobot) http://is.gd/aoIg
  • You can Simpsonize anything and make it better. Even Arrested Development. http://twurl.nl/zm1nhy
  • Leonard Nimoy + Hobbits + GodTube = Surreal + WTF(squared) http://twurl.nl/1ombzl
  • Who’s got $1,200 for a painting of an Optimus Prime toy? You can tell friends it’s “modern minimalist,” if it helps. http://twurl.nl/7e7nvy

Also, I updated the GWS Fan Page on Facebook this week with new stuff from GWS readers, including pics of a Lara Croft costume, a Yoda cake, and Dalek cupcakes.

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  • Paul December 8, 2008, 1:55 pm

    Thanks for the contest link! We gots to help some kids!

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