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Geek Steal: 70% off Stargate SG-1 – The Complete Series Collection!

Holy geez. For today only, Amazon has Stargate SG-1 – The Complete Series Collection DVD set on sale for just $99.99, which is 70% off the list price and $130 off yesterday’s price of $229.99.

That’s practically a good enough excuse for me to finally get on board with this landmark sci-fi series…

Could it be? Would it be? Meh, probably not. $99.99 is a great price, but I can still only afford to trade in hugs and pseudo-scholarly insights. Curse this economy!

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  • leiagirl December 15, 2008, 9:04 am

    actually if you look close you’ll see that the list price is $329.98 and the savings is $229.98! even more kudos to GWS for passing this one along!! 10 seasons and 3 bonus disks for $100 is a steal any way you look at it!

  • Great White Snark December 15, 2008, 1:11 pm

    @leiagirl And if you look even more closely, you’ll see that the list price and yesterday’s price are two different things.

    But I’ll let this indiscretion pass since I find your enthusiasm so charming.

    And, you know… you stroked my ego and everything.

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