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Geek Steal: 64% off The Wire Complete Series!

Amazon has busted out a sale on the complete boxed DVD set of a show so perfect that not even the addition of Kristen Bell or of ham-handed chimpanzees dressed like people could improve it.

Amazon has The Wire: The Complete Series on sale for $89.99, which is 64% off the list price of $249.99.

Wire Complete Series

No idea how long this sale is going to last.  Note that Amazon is currently out of stock, but at this price it’s worth buying a copy and waiting a bit longer than usual for delivery.

Plus, waiting builds character.  And isn’t that what you really want for the holidays?

Thanks to Pete at /Film for spotting this sale.

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  • nickolai December 22, 2008, 9:18 pm

    Motherf**ker! I just bought this for $30 more at BestBuy.com.

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