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Merry Christmas from the Christmas Kubaz – Kooky Star Wars Tribute

Yes, I usually keep the gears of this blog machine oiled with the grease of vanilla-scented non-denominationalness.  But I couldn’t resist posting this image of Santa Baz the Christmas Kubaz* when I came across it in a (regrettably) now-concluded Ebay auction.

Star Wars Christmas Kubaz

I’m all for wishing my fellow members of The Tribe a Happy Hanukkah, too, but I couldn’t find a picture of Admiral Ackbar in a yarmulke.

(I mean, you know he’s a member of the Hebrew Nation, right?  That guy sounds so much like my menthol-smoking grandmother, it’s uncanny.  Whenever I hear “It’s a trap!”, I almost expect a plate of brisket and kugel to appear.)

Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys the holidays.  Thanks for being such a swell group of readers.

* Huge Star Wars geek points for you if you not only recognize the Kubaz species from Episode IV, but also can do a spot-on Kubaz impression.

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  • AngieBatgirl December 25, 2008, 10:24 am

    Merry Christmas right back atcha :) Hope you got a lot of geeky things.
    Me? I’m cuddling up in my Dark Knight Joker blankie :)

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