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A Custom Wall-E Toy Inspired by a Dude Named Sucklord

Here in San Francisco, you can spot a hipster by way of his beard, girlishly-skinny jeans, knit cap (in spire of the 65-degree weather), and distinct aura of lackadaisical douchey-ness.

Maybe they do “hipster” differently in Chinatown, New York, the base of operations for Suckadelic

Sucklord Wall-E Toy

SUCKADELIC is an Evil Arts Organization that has made a name for itself thru creative toy bootlegging and illicit remix records… Owned and operated by the mysterious SUCKLORD of CHINATOWN, Suckadelic takes nerdy obsessions to the heights of hipster cool…

A look through the Suckadelic official site and MySpace page suggests that bringing “nerdy obsessions to the heights of hipster cool” means that Mr. Sucklord crosses geeky characters with track suits, boom boxes, and graffiti art (i.e., the late 1980s rap scene) to produce custom toys.

Or to inspire custom toys, as in the case of this “Suck-E” figure (via toycutter), by some guy named Nick who thought that Pixar’s Wall-E wasn’t complete without a dollar-sign necklace and a hot pink lightsaber. (Duh.)

When Senor Sucklord, Esq., isn’t giving perfectly good toys the Run D.M.C. treatment or remixing tracks called “Trials of a Jedi,” “Behold Galvatron,” and “Gremlins Dust,” he sometimes vandalizes Star Wars AT-AT toys for charity.

Find more Suckadelic toys on Ebay

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