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I Suddenly Want to See a LEGO Gears of War Video Game

LEGO artist HAZEL is a bit more industrious than the guy who set half a LEGO minifig on fire and called it Two-Face.  HAZEL customizes everything on his minifigs, right down to the armor and weapons you see on all the Gears of War cutoms in this Flickr set.

Marcus Fenix LEGO Figure

But my favorite from the set has to be this custom minifig of Marcus Fenix, the main and unironically-goateed protagonist in Gears of War.  Not just because he’s wielding a LEGO chainsaw gun, the most fearsome LEGO weapon ever to be stained with the acrylic-tasting blood of many a sacrificial Power Ranger action figure.

Marcus Fenix Gears of War

No, it’s because he’s sporting a beehive hairdo (with convenient carrying strap!) in place of a bandana.

See… dudes who carry bloody chainsaw guns can get away with that sort of thing.

You wouldn’t see me trying something like that.  The ballsiest thing I did today was take potshots at someone else’s craft from the safety of my internet anonymity.

Thanks to Brothers Brick for the find.

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  • Shadhih September 23, 2009, 4:02 am

    that seems to be one down on lego if u ask me
    i cant take my eyes of that blood on that chainsaw/gun/bazooka/hovercraft(?) thing
    i think im gonna puck

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