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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending Feb 1, 2009

Here’s a taste of the geeky curiosities from around the Web that I posted to my Twitter profile this week.  Follow me on Twitter for the full mouthful. (Om nom nom.)

Lord of the Rings Cake

  • If anyone was going to get the scoop on these awesome Lord of the Rings cakes, I’m glad it was my buddy Jen at CakeWrecks: http://is.gd/gpvC
  • HA! Futurama Gender Bender. http://is.gd/huZB
  • Star Wars + classical art: Another devastatingly good Worth1000 Photoshop contest: http://is.gd/hab2
  • Fact: Violence is better when it’s in HD. And when it’s from the director of Ong Bak. Updated trailer for Chocolate: http://is.gd/hLSr
  • WWII-era Iron Man http://is.gd/hSRx

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