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Punisher Hulk Custom Action Figure

This is what happens when you gamma-irradiate a scowling, Sicilian meathead.  All-around handsomeness.

The Hulk doesn’t need firearms any more than Christian Bale needs a bad case of ‘roid rage, but nevertheless, the minds and hands at custom-toymaker Boskoes Toys have posted on Ebay this one-of-a-kind Punisher Hulk action figure based on the Marvel Legends line of toys.

Punisher Hulk Custom Figure

Punny Hulk–which, according to my research, is the only crossover that Marvel hasn’t actually visited in the funny books–stands eight inches tall and features twenty-five points of articulation.  (That’s toy-speak for “really bendy.”)

Wasn’t quite sure if we should call him a Punisher Hulk, or a Gamma Infected Punisher. Either way, he’s one mean green action figure- hyper detailed paint, and a crazy arsenal of muscle, guns, and poppin’ veins make him stand out on any shelf- a one man army ready to wreak havok on the rest of you collection.

I’m still getting a handle on the supply-and-demand of the custom toy market, but a $15 starting price for this guy seems like a bargain in light of the prices claimed by other Boskoes Toys figures.  ($300 for a Venom figure, anyone?  $150 for Juggernaut?)

Man.  I’m pretty sure toy collectors and people going to the movies to see ultra-crappy comedies are the only ones propping up the economy.  So, to the toy nerds and to the tasteless: America thanks you.

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