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Geek Steal: Superhero DVDs up to 57% off!

The only thing I enjoy almost as much as indignant nerd rage is shameless commerical pandering to geeks.  Since the cosplayers profiled in my WonderCon coverage have been annoyingly-good sports in the GWS comments, I guess I’ll have to settle for Amazon’s latest DVD sale.

For an unspecified amount of time, you can find tons of superhero-related DVDs on sale for up to 57% off in Amazon’s Superheroes DVDs Sale.

Iron Man DVD

Find deals on tons of great superhero movies, TV shows, and cartoons featuring everybody from Superman and Spider-Man to Hellboy and that broad with the cleavage from Witchblade.

Check out Amazon’s Superheroes DVDs Sale.

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  • cshanyn March 6, 2009, 11:04 am

    I was getting ready to get my feathers in a bunch because they included Power Rangers under the title of “heroes” but then scrolled down further to see Howard the Duck included as well and that just smoothed me right out.

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