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LEGO Optimus Prime Transformer – Yet Another Custom Toy Creation to Make Me Feel Lazy and Untalented

Remember that sweet-ass LEGO Megatron Transformer?

Well, another prolific Brickshelf user, “Orion Pax,” has created Megatron’s counterpart, this custom-made, fully-transformable LEGO Optimus Prime.  There’s even a trailer for “vehicle mode.”

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

Wow. For someone like me who has the creative LEGO-building prowess of a stillborn spider-monkey, a project like this could only create more marvel if it cured hangovers and had been crafted by the delicate, orange-blossom-scented hands of Kristen Bell.

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  • Shadhih September 23, 2009, 4:06 am

    no kidding sheer awsomeness
    but am i the only one who notices that prime does not have windows on his chest?
    so i can see that matrix inside him
    the only thing wrong with prime i think
    or i thunk -.-

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