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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending Apr 11, 2009

Hey, remember that time I linked to that awesome thing on Twitter, and you were all, “Man, that’s awesome”?  Remember?  No?  Well that’s probably because you don’t follow me on Twitter.  Which would explain that gaping void in your life.

Here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing. You’re welcome.

Darth Maul Rig

  • Top 10 Star Wars Trucks, Buses, Campers and Vans. I personally enjoy the Darth Maul tractor trailer. http://is.gd/s54y
  • Real-life Terminator face! Dude puts red LED into his prosthetic eye and claims Bad Ass Nerd of the Year award. http://is.gd/rJFR
  • I finally found it. A Cthulhu costume. And my eyes have paid the price. http://is.gd/rxVU
  • Rejected Batman redesigns. http://is.gd/ryf9
  • Reaper is hosed. DAMMIT. Creator / producers abandoning it for greener pastures. Specifically, the green of dollar bills. http://is.gd/rEdA

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