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It’s a VW Bus LOST Cake – Geeky Cake of the Week

Earlier this week, Ana, an editor over at the fine blog machine Geekanerd, kindly sent me the deets on this LOST cake in the likeness of the famous VW bus. I figured I better post it before LOST stuff gets even less topical than ridiculing the crappy Wolverine movie.  (Weeks ago, people! Ancient history!)

VW Bus LOST cake

The cake-making people at Nine Cakes created the LOST cake for the LOST season finale party last Wednesday at the Bell House, a big music venue and lounge in Brooklyn.  From Geekanerd’s post on the event:

Brooklyn’s Bell House threw a massive party for the last Lost of 2009. Highlights included big screens, a Lostmobile cake, Dharma Beer, and a huge room full of alternately screaming and shushing fans.

LOST Cake Full View

The best part of the night for me was the performance by Previously On Lost, a NYC rock band who’s songs are all based on episodes of Lost’s 4th and 5th season.

I don’t usually endorse visiting MySpace, but the Previously On Lost page is well-worth this one exception. I challenge you to listen to the Ballad of Sayid all the way through and not get it stuck in your head.

When you find it echoing in your brain cavity for the 37th time, feel free to think of me with fond consternation.

Check out more pics of the party and of the cake on Geekanerd’s post.

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  • Alex May 21, 2009, 10:35 am

    Nice! Love the geeky cakes!
    Will skip MySpace though.

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