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Geek Loot: Zombie Jell-O Mold

ThinkGeek is quickly becoming my go-to retailer for ingenious zombie frivolity.

(‘Cause, you know… I’ve totally been looking for a place like that. Along with a place that will give me silver dollars in exchange for slightly-used Chuck E. Cheese tokens. Let me know if you’ve heard anything.)

Zombie Torso Jello Mold

First came this adorably-disemboweled plush zombie.  And now ThinkGeek has an exclusive Zombie Torso Jell-O Mold for a mere $15.

Now who’s the brain-eater?  You can finally stuff your mouth full of zombie and think to yourself how there’s nothing quite so delicious as irony. (In the Alanis Morrisette sense of the word, of course. Genuine, actual irony tastes a lot like English muffins soaked in Earl Grey tea.  Not disagreeable, but not delicious by any means.)

And if $15 is too steep a price, I also found this not-at-all-ThinkGeek-exclusive Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold for $6.

Via UberReview by way of Geekologie.

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  • cshanyn June 4, 2009, 8:38 am

    The mold itself is definitely cooler, what with the dangling spine and the 6 fingers on one hand and 4 fingers on the other. There’s definitely something lost in translation when the Jello hits the scene…

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