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The Best Star Wars Death Star Cake You’ll Ever See

Take this “fondant and our Strawberries Chantilly flavor” Star Wars Death Star cake by the perennially-talented Rick Reichart of cakelava bakery: It by far presents the best representation of the Empire’s battle station I’ve yet seen.  And I’ve documented enough awful Death Star cakes to know how easily a cake artisan can go awry with this particular design.

Star Wars Death Star Cake Top

These cakes can be such a source of inner turmoil for me. Of course, by “inner turmoil,” I mean a case of brow-furrowing consternation that persists for a few seconds before my wandering attention and I catch sight of something shiny and move on.

(Hey, look! I found a quarter! Oh. Just a nickel. Forget it.)

Plus, long-time GWS readers know how I feel about the over-indulgence of America’s youth. In terms of rotting our country’s culture, it’s right up there with VH1’s reality show line-up and that damn rock music the kids are listening to.

Star Wars Death Star Cake

From Rick’s wife and bakery-partner Sasha:

This Death Star birthday cake was made for Andrew, a 6-year old whose parents started a tradition of ordering a sculpted cake each year for his birthday based on what he’s into.  This year it was Star Wars.  In our initial contact with the client she explained: “…having a sculpted birthday cake has been a tradition of ours that i would like to uphold – i know it’s excessive for a 6-year-old, but the cakes are so beautiful and they always represent a “stage of life” for our son and what he is really into that year (his cake last year was racer x from speedracer!)”

Yeah. When you find yourself saying, “I know it’s excessive, but,” …it’s a sure sign you should stop whatever you’re doing. I don’t care if you’re about to eat your third Hardee’s Monster Thickburger of the day, purchase $3,000 rims for your $2,000 Honda Civic, or get an over-the-top, extravagant cake for your young son’s birthday for the sixth year in a row… if you know it’s excessive, don’t do it.

“Excessive” is super-fun-time right up until your real estate bubble pops and your country’s rate of personal credit card debt has exploded.

In conclusion, over-indulgent mothers are to blame for the state of our economy.  I certainly don’t blame Rick, who “was glad to make something other than the Millennium Falcon, which he’s done 3 times and R2-D2 3 times as well.” Clickity-click those links to see his other work.

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  • nickolai July 29, 2009, 8:54 am

    Cool cake. In five or six years, Andrew will be getting some rad T&A cakes.

  • Nathan D July 29, 2009, 3:58 pm

    So, what’s the damage to get a cake like this made anyway?

  • Alexandra July 30, 2009, 10:35 am

    It is rediculous to have such excessive cakes for children.
    I guess some people have money to burn. Although the kid might prefer they had put that money in a college fund.
    The rest of us documnet the stages of our children’s lives by taking photos and putting them in albums.

    On the other hand, that is a gorgeous cake. I’m sure it tastes great.
    I want!!!

  • CTrees July 30, 2009, 2:59 pm

    You’re a terrible person for giving Rob Bricken a communicable disease at SD Comic Con.

    (he said we should tell you)

  • Doriinatrix July 30, 2009, 4:18 pm

    Oh, it looks so deliciously geeky
    (also you’re a bad person for giving Mr. Rob some sort of disease)

  • Sasha & Rick July 31, 2009, 12:07 pm

    Glad you enjoyed! While it may seem overindulgent Andrew’s parents said they rationalize it by helping stimulate the economy and supporting a wonderful small business, which we are thankful for. What you may not know is Andrew requested books from his guests in lieu of birthday gifts, and received 50 beautiful new books to donate to the Hawaii Cancer Children’s Foundation. Overindulgence has never been so perfectly balanced.

  • Alexandra August 3, 2009, 6:44 am

    Requesting Books = Balance.
    Wow. Of course there are always exceptions to the generalizations. I know a lot of spoiled kids who would never do anything so magnamimous.

  • Peter Foryu August 15, 2015, 9:55 am

    That’s one epic cake!

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