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It’s a Battlestar Galactica Cake. Happy Frakkin’ Birthday. – Geeky Cake of the Week

Colonel Tigh on his angriest, drunkest day couldn’t have put it better himself:

Here’s a Battlestar Galactica cake. Happy frakkin’ birthday.

Battlestar Galactica Cake

Laura hired chef Archana Rao at Love Street Cakes (“where cake dreams come true!”*) to craft this BSG cake for the birthday of Laura’s husband, a “big BSG fan” sadly-accustomed to verbal abuse on special occasions by way of made-up sci-fi curse words.

Well, suck it the frell up, dude. We all have our gorram crosses to bear.

(Sorry, wait a tic while I wake up my arms. They go right to sleep when I type out lazy jokes. Lack of stimulation.)

BSG Cake Side View

Rao covered a lemon cake with raspberry preserves and “(extra) vanilla frosting.” Because it is well-known that the skinjobs hate the taste of vanilla, and WE CAN’T HAVE ANY SKINJOBS EATING OUR FRAKKIN’ CAKE.

* Oh, really? Cake dreams come true on Love Street? Does Kristen Bell popping out of a cake wearing nothing but a smile and a defective Slave Leia bikini happen on Love Street? ‘Cause then I’m convinced.

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