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Han Solo in Carbonite Cake

Jen crafted this fantastic Han Solo in carbonite cake for her husband. Which I would take to mean either, (1) “I share your enthusiasm for Star Wars, husband,” or (2) “I wish I could freeze you to eternal silence in a futuristic metal compound, husband.”

Let’s assume it’s the former.

Han Solo Carbonite Cake
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In her words:

Han Solo in Carbonite Cake for my husband’s birthday. Took me 2 years to get the courage to put it together but I came through. =D

Chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, covered in chocolate fondant. Han is modeling chocolate.

Courage? I know what you mean. I’m always afraid of getting my finger stuck in some carbonite and never getting it back.

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  • Madman007 November 1, 2009, 6:48 am

    “Oh, they’re encasing him in chocolate cake with caramel buttercream. He should be very well delicious.”

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