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Nerd Pride(ish): Imperial Eagle Warhammer Tattoo [Geeky Tattoo]

World, meet Jude. Jude is a big ol’ fan of Warhammer Fantasy, the setting of many tabletop, role-playing, and video games.

Jude has not only dedicated his blog to Warhammer, but also his body. He’s got several pieces of permanent Warhammer artwork across his frame, including this enormous Warhammer tattoo on his scalp in the form of an Imperial Eagle. (The symbol of the Imperium, don’tcha know.*)

Warhammer Imperial Eagle Tattoo

Curiously, Jude also has a tattoo of the symbol of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars tattooed on his neck… below the hairline. So, if he ever decides to stop attacking his head with an electric razor on a twice-weekly basis, the only ink left showing will be the Star Wars ink.

I’m sure his two youngest kids–Luke and Leia–appreciate the gesture.

Check out Jude’s blog for more photos of his various Warhammer tattoos.

* No. I didn’t know, either.

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  • Snowball December 6, 2010, 11:21 am

    LOL, the Terran Empire on top of the rebellion… …. …. …….. i guess not too many people getting tattoos on their heads, have much in them

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