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Frosted Evil: Cthulhu Cake [Geeky Cake]

I debated posting this Cthulhu cake by Clever Cake Studio, since sightings of H.P. Lovecraft’s horrible Cthulhu have been known to cause spontaneous eye-bleeding, bed-wetting, and Stalinism.

While bed-wetting is hilarious, I’d probably feel bad if I turned you people into bloody-eyed fascist oppressors.

Cthulhu Cake

But there’s the pic. So apparently I wouldn’t feel too bad.

Here’s the deets from Lori at Clever Cake:

Here is Cthulhu rising from the oceans, using a convenient little island with a tower on it to climb up. The base was cherry-chip cake, the island and tower a mix of cherry chip and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Also used small chocolate ‘pearls’ as rocks. Cthulhu himself is all fondant, with two chocolate pearls that I seeped in red dye for eyes.

Find the (evilly) adorable plush Cthulhu on ThinkGeek

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